5 ways to get people talking about your business


Frequent customer endorsements nearly always outperforms traditional paid advertising. Getting people to talk about you starts with trust. There’s nothing like a positive endorsement from an existing customer to make a strong impression on prospective clients. After all, long-term customers know first-hand the benefits your product or service offers.

Before you stop managing your online reviews, consider the fact that a big percentage of consumers read online reviews to help them make shopping decisions.

Below are five key practices to consider when creating your strategy to spark stories about your business worth talking about:

  1. Set Up a Win-Win Referral Program

    Assuming that you have customers who are happy with the products or services that you deliver, you can attract even more of them by setting up a referral program. This is your opportunity to let your customers sell your brand for you. Typically, a referral program offers incentives to customers who bring in more business. So they might save 25% off a purchase for every customer they refer, or accumulate points that can be redeemed for purchases.
    Actually a big percentage of customers, say word of mouth heavily influences their purchase.

  2. Use Press Releases Effectively

    When it comes to press releases, not everyone uses them well, and therefore, they don’t always generate good results. If you’re spitting out releases every week that aren’t really newsworthy, you’re missing the point.
    Apply Press releases strategy for when you have something really newsworthy, like the launch of a new product, special event or offers and promotions. Then, after you’ve published it through a news distribution service, promote the heck out of it. This increases the likelihood that your followers and fans on social media will see it and share it with their networks.

  3. Encourage Online Ratings & Reviews

    Online reviews form excellent marketing tools if handled properly. Certainly, you run the risk of a few bad reviews, but in general, a few won’t hurt you. Especially if you’re proactive about responding to the reviews and rectifying whatever made the customers unhappy.
    Before you stop managing your online reviews, consider the fact that a big percentage of consumers read online reviews to help them make shopping decisions. The reviews of your business are happening whether you want them to or not, so your best bet for success is to carefully monitor them and respond to them. Encourage customers in your store to leave a review for you.

  4. Make Your Branding Stand Out

    Your business identifiers like logo should be given enough thought before deciding. It’s an essential component of your marketing that warrants investment to ensure it’s one that people will know.
    Remember, most customers will judge you based on how you present your business to the world.

  5. Invest in an effective website.

    Your branding should go hand in hand with a website that works best for your business. Among others, the website should sufficiently help potential customers understand about your products and services and also get to view some of your past work if available. And if you sell physical products, then you might want to consider investing in an e-Commerce website. With e-Commerce, you will get in-built features that help with referral programs, press releases, online reviews and other e-Commerce features for huge sales.