9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an e-Commerce Website


E-Commerce has become a darling for retail and its popularity is increasing rapidly. Customers are going online to shop and more recently they started doing that right from their smartphones, so in the near future these numbers will grow even more. The main reason for this increase is the convinience factor both to customers as well as retailers and the efficiency of selling that come with e-Commerce. Apparently, when you sale online, you make huge sales.

When you sale online, you make huge sales

In this article, we enlist the reasons that have made e-commerce business so very popular and why you should embrace it for the success of your business.

  1. Overcome Geographical limitations
  2. In the real world, if you set up shop at ‘X’ place, your target customers will be the people from the nearby regions which really limit the consumers you may get. But with an e-Commerce website with the virtual internet world, there are no such barriers. People could just come to your site, buy items and the only onus on you is to get the items delivered to the correct destination. In other words, you are able to sale to customers from anywhere.

  3. Reduced Operational Costs
  4. Another advantage of e-Commerce is the lowered costs of business operation which can be passed onto customers as discounted prices. It is for this reason that products bought online tend to be relatively cheaper than those bought from physical shops.
    Below are some of the ways by which costs can be reduced by an e-Commerce website:

    • Advertising and Marketing
    • Organic search engine traffic, pay-per-click, and social media traffic are some of the advertising platforms that can be cost-effective.

    • Personnel
    • e-Commerce automates products search and identification, checkout, billing, payments, stock management, and other operational processes that would require human effort thus a reduced number of employees is required to operate the shop.

    • Real Estate Costs
    • e-Commerce website for your business eliminates the need for a prominent physical location whose charges are usually skyrocketed. All you need is a decent and safe place where your products can be stored. Bear in mind that some customers may opt to collect their order from your premises hence the decency.

  5. Effective advertisements in the media
  6. With e-Commerce, every time your advertisement is made in TVs, radios, social networks and billboards, a link to your website is provided. This ultimately enables you to get more from your efforts by letting the audience visit your online shop and see the products available for sale, anywhere, any time and at one’s convenience.

  7. Sufficient Product Information
  8. A physical store limits the amount of product information that can be provided and/or displayed. Furthermore, it is impractical to equip employees with all the product information that the customer may need. With an e-Commerce website, such information can be easily availed to customers. Even better, most of this information is provided by product manufacturers and does not cost anything to maintain.

  9. Related Products, Up Sells, Cross Sells
  10. These are e-Commerce website design features for huge sales. They enable you to sell even more.

    • Related Products
    • These are products which are relatively similar to the current product and serve to provide a variety base from which the customer can buy.

    • Cross Sells
    • These are products which can be bought together with the current product. The aim is to entice the customer to buy them in addition to what is already in the customer’s cart.

    • Up Sells
    • Products which are similar to what the customer is viewing but of higher quality, more profitable or more expensive can be displayed alongside the current product. The aim is to recommend to the customer other product(s) that can be bought instead of the current product.

  11. Customer Email Notifications.
  12. e-Commerce website lets your customers and potential customers sign up for newsletters so that they are notified in the event of great deals, discount offers, new arrivals.

  13. Out of Stock Products
  14. You can still display popular products that are out of stock and let customers leave their email addresses so that they get notified once the product is made available. This is a feature that can be realized with a well designed e-Commerce website.

  15. Combine All Your Stores into One.
  16. If you have multiple stores, it is not uncommon for customers to move from one store to another in search of specific products. e-Commerce websites eliminates this as customers can buy items from different stores all at once, even without knowing!

  17. Remain Open All the Time
  18. With your shop online, your store timings are set to 24/7/365 so that customers can place orders at any time of their choice. In other words, your products are open for sell all the time!