Stop the madness of butchering fellow Africans.


What is wrong with these ignorant young South Africans? Why should they turn against their fellow Africans from other countries? Do they know their History? Do they know that it is Ethiopia that provided training ground for the Armed Umkhonto we Sizwe? Do they know that it is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia who used to help smuggle guns from Russia to train Mandela and other Radical South Africans against Apartheid? Do they know that when ANC was declared persona nan grata in South Africa it was Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia that helped establish their offices in Lusaka? Do they know that he would help smuggle guns across the borders for the Africans to deal with the Boers?


Do these South Africans know that it is Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana that provided a home for Nelson Mandela and built the ANC LIASON office, providing logistical training for them when Mandela was being hunted by the Apartheid Regime? Do they know that is Patrice Lumumba of DRC that kept their flame alive, siding with Communists to the extent of being hunted down by the CIA and shamefully beheaded? Do they know that is Mzee Julius Nyerere of Tanganyika that gave them the forests downtown Tanzania to learn how to use guns and provided refuge to Walter Sisulu when he was being hunted down?

Do they know it is Jomo Kenyatta and Robert Mugabe that took their voices to the international scene to ensure South Africa got back to civil rule? 


Somebody remind These Young folks that we are not the collective cause of their problems!They are the ones that gambled with their destiny when they moved from a Nelson Mandela and agitated for the corrupt cabal of Jacob Zuma and his Gupta Cartel…

let them stop the madness of butchering fellow Africans…