There is no Elevator to Success


On your way to the top, given the choice between the lift and the STAIRCASE, always consider the STAIRCASE!Look,the lift may seem easier, faster, cozy, comfortable and mouth watering but when it jams, hell breaks loose!

hustle with your mind open but with your LEGS CLOSED!

The staircase on the other hand may appear tedious, tiresome, gruelling and unforgiving but remember the words of Abraham Lincoln.. “Though I am a slow walker, I never walk backwards”..Are we together LADIES? Especially those with me in the difficult twenties?

Winston Churchill… “The nose of a bulldog folds backwards so that it continues breathing without letting go”…
Biblical analogy… “Did you know that even with its speed, the snail still finally reached the ark? ”
Moral of the story: On your way to the top, hustle with your mind open but with your LEGS CLOSED! Say no to shortcuts! Beat the long winding road to greatness… Sweeter is the victory attained genuinely with a grin on your face and sweat under your armpits.

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