What is your brand?


One of the most lavishly funded departments by companies of this century is Branding. Branding in simple terms is basically creating a unique outlook of yourself, and making it known to all and sundry. Slay queens tafasari, I don’t mean kujipaka powder gunia nne kwa uso na lipstick gorogoro mbili then unaanza kukaa Charlie Chaplin APANA.

If a hyena can’t even laugh at your jokes please remove humor from your brand

Your brand could be what gets you hired, or gives you that contract you are chasing, in the same breath being a ‘Fwaa’ could be the reason nothing seems to work for you every time you knock doors. Yani uko tu, huelewekieleweki.
As someone who has pitched and chased projects from corporates, I’ll tell you without batting an eyelid that clients wont give you projects if you go there looking broke. Lips zimekauka, kiatu inakaa ya Barmuriat, nywele imemea ni kama face yako inachungulia behind a black bush. Clients will be scared ukipewa 1 million ya project utaingia mitini nayo, ama ujiwekee 900k then squeeze the 100k thus giving them a shoddy job. Branding people, BRANDING.

So, how do we brand ourselves?

  1. Be authentic.

    If a hyena can’t even laugh at your jokes please remove humor from your brand. Tafuta kitu ingine. And a by the way; anyone among you ever imagined how Jua Cali would look as a high school Chemistry teacher? Story for another day.
    Add value. Let people try benefit something by hanging out with you. It is gratifying to enrich someone even if its not financial. Share knowledge. Make someone laugh. Let people leave different by interacting with you. Imagine how much Nelson Mandela touched people’s lives, 80% of who he never even met in real life.

  2. Have purpose.

    Every post, photo, comment etc on social media has a role to play in your brand. If your posts are always about haters trying to pull you down or men saying Hi in your inbox you portray yourself as a petty individual, and thats negativity many would not want to associate with. And I can assure you those people who are forever paranoid don’t even have anything to attract haters, it is usually a complex. Eeh ni ukweli, kuja unichape.

  3. Hang around strong brands.

    If you want to reach the skies you need to look at eagles and not chicken. Unajua kuku anakaa tu hapa chini akitamani sky kama sisi tu wanadamu until the unlucky day a Luhyia like me decides to swipe a knife through the throat then watu wanakunywa supu. All this time the eagle will have gone through storms and winds and clouds.

  4. Reinvent.

    If you are still writing Danks 4 di + to mean ‘thanks for the add’ you need to stop being an imbecile. In any case people nowadays don’t thank friends for accepting them on Facebook anymore. Read, follow changing trends and keep at par with the happenings around. Cocacola is one of the most successful brands the world has seen, but even though the drink remains the same they have always changed things here and there; the logo, the bottle and tagline.

And so I ask; whats your brand?