Who is William Ruto? And what does he really stand for?


On 13th October 2019, Prof. Makau Mutua wrote in the Sunday Nations about the threshold of a free and fair elections. Prof. Makau, explicated that free and fair elections in Kenya are a nullity. That only the will of the people sometimes like in 2002 is reflected in Kenyan democratisation process. Variables like ethnicity and voter bribery make elections in Kenya a mockery of a free and fair elections.

Ideally, you don’t turn the economic trajectory of any country through church harambee. Moi did the same and failed, Kibaki did economic blueprint and it somewhat worked. Ruto should be told that if he really means good for this country he should not think of the next elections but fight corruption and bad governance. Ruto can be president that is plausible but what kind of president does he want to become? Raila has always been on the safe side of history, by fighting BBI Ruto demonstrates selfishness, by doing harambees Ruto encourages bad governance pegged on bigotry and sycophancy.

When we comprised quality and established universities in every town we failed to foresee the crisis bedevilling our universities today. By failing to fight corruption RUTO failed Kenyans terribly and he joins African dictators who were power hungry and ruled with an iron fist. Raila has consistently fought bad governance and reforms, if BBI achieves parliamentary systems of governance and restore free and fair elections in Kenya, future generations will lionise Odinga EVEN IF HE WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY. Tom Mboya was never president so was Martin Luther King Jnr but they are immortals for a cause.

Does it not bother Ruto as a PhD that the Kenyan international debt has more than tripled in less that seven years of Jubilee leadership? Does it not bother him that SGR is a scam of this century? Does it not bother him that competitive elections in Kenya are hinged on bigotry and voter bribery at the expense of issue based politics which is our vision 2030 target which he patronise? Does it not bother him that a good fraction of Kenyans under Jubilee reels on unemployment and job loss is a reality under his watch? Does it not bother him that money laundering and mega corruption scandals have been orchestrated by JUBILEE luminaries in a party he is the DEPUTY PARTY LEADER? Does it not bother him that he was in charge of a fraudulent presidential elections in 2017 mired with virtually seduction of opposition MPS with billions?

Who is William Ruto then? What does he stand for? PRESIDENCY WILL COME AND GO BUT A LEGACY LIVES ON.