A university degree only produces a signalling effect


There is this student, Ann Muthoni who scored B in KSCE last year but went ahead and scooped a cool D+ in Biology.
Another one from Machokos managed B+ but attained C in Biology. Both of them have ambitions of pursuing medical courses and are definitely locked out due to poor performance in Biology paper.

Some of us may fail to reconcile why one would score excellent grades in Chemistry, Physics and worst of all scoop an A in maths with Damieno(D) in Biology. When I was in High School, I would fall for Biology as a booster subject. I know, am not alone.

Majority of the students who graduate from High school end up doing courses they were not aware of in the first place. Leave alone knowing the names of those courses. I don’t know whether things have changed. A few others end up doing courses they didn’t like or even choose in the first place. I am one of them. It is normal to get a student who wanted to become a Civil Engineer settling for Bachelor of Arts in Science and Cultural studies(with options in Luo, Kisii or Turkana cultures ). So that is how we end up Channing demoralized graduates in the market.

One may ask, why is it that we produce demoralized students who don’t know what they want to become? The problem could be, they also are taught with a Biology teacher who wanted to become a lawyer. So every time the teacher enters a class, he or she teaches with a mentality of a lawyer. The result could be failure in a three piece suit.

There is no guarantee that this menace will end soon. My take, once you find yourself either in the rooftop colleges pursuing a diploma in spoon tennis and technology accept and move on, do it with all that is within you. Give it the best!

You might end up doing something else. Some of us didn’t like the professions we became, but once we deemed there was no way out, we became just that and became the best.

I have seen many of my friends in Marketing and Finance end up in Construction Industry. Recently I was invited to give a talk on Financial Management by a group of Doctors who are venturing in Business. It is simple. Be the best in what you do. Be diverse, don’t be rigid. Be flexible. Once you are through and have scooped first class honours in Photosynthesis put everything aside, be creative. Be a critical thinker.

A university degree only produces a signalling effect. That you are patient and can learn anything in this world. Excellent life is not only pegged in those excellent grades. I have a classmate who was nearly at the bottom of my class when we sat for our KSCE, that man is a lecturer and almost completing his PhD.

Thank you so much