How Oliver Minishi Successfully Contained Kakamega School Even When Nearly All Other Top Schools Went on Rampage


Oliver Minishi knew how to play with our small minds at Kakamega School. And that is how experience has helped my Alma mater to avoid the paranoid path to High School anarchy, arson and chaos! I repeat:School riots can be totally avoided, not by great things but by small wise decisions.

I need a proper forum to educate some of these Principals still stuck in neanderthal, archaic and parochial traditions

I remember the World Cup days, the days when we had African Cup of Nations,the Champions League, crucial English Premier league games name them.Being the School Captain, fellow boys would approach me requesting to watch the matches… I would simply walk into the Principal’s Office and make the request known. The Principal would request to have a talk with students, no other teacher would be allowed in the forum. We would then make simple trade offs… We would accept to forego Games Time to compensate for the few hours we would spend watching the games and just like that, Academics would win and students would win too, a win-win situation!In other schools that I know, such a suggestion would earn boys with such requests at least a suspension!

Whenever our Rugby Barbarians or our Soccer Green Commandos would be playing at Bukhungu or in MUMIAS Complex, moreso the finals, Minishi would suspend learning! I remember of the weekends the Principal would take me to town, direct matatus to school and allow any student with fare to board and go cheer our teams! Of course we would make minced meat of our opponents, and on our way back, we would bring Kakamega town to a standstill as we gave heroic welcome to the champions! That evening of victory, Minishi would slaughter a bull for us, change the diet, buy sodas and give students a special treat! We would then enjoy a whole week of bread and I tell you, no student would ever think of rioting!

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Take for instance this Friday evening in August 2008…The rest of the students are at home for holidays and we the seniors are at school for Tuition. Green Commandos have reached the finals at the Nationals and are facing off with Waa Secondary school from The coast. 90 minutes, no goal! Extra time, deadlock! Time for spot kicks and we have been taken to the pitch to pray as the penalties go on far away in Machakos… A record 10 spot kicks per team are taken and as our Keeper stops the kick from the Waa Goal keeper and as our Mwinyi fires our winning penalty, we would not be contained within school. The deputy Principal flungs the gates open as we storm Kakamega town to celebrate.On Saturday, we trek all the way to Mukumu to receive our footballers back.
Minishi spots me running and stops his car to buy us maize along the road, we mount the bus, Senator Bonny Khalwale,our old boy joins with his Isukuti crew and as we arrive in town, there’s total paralysis! Bulls are slaughtered back in school, loaves of bread pour out,who would ever riot in such an environment?

A great leader breaks from tradition! Why do we have those lesbians and homosexuals in our schools? Simple: principals have imprisoned the young adrenalined girls and boys in schools denying them interactions with their friends from the opposite gender! Whenever Atavachi took us for Music Festivals, he would specifically keep a thorough whip near the driver’s seat for anybody who would not give at least two names of ladies he had tuned! I was a victim at KICC national Music Festivals when he found me seated in the bus, desperate mono, when other boys were thoroughly tuning girls outside. I had to toe the line… We had multiple innings and outings to vent out our passions and once back in class, Steve would never change to Eve!

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I need a proper forum to educate some of these Principals still stuck in neanderthal, archaic and parochial traditions… And by the way, those luxuries never stopped us from excelling, we are actually changing the world in multiple fronts!