This is always the problem with peasantry. Peasantry grew up in too much chaos that’s why it loves opening its loud mouth even in places where only brains are allowed to speak. Peasantry is so addicted to drama you wonder why we’re fighting marijuana when drama is already the number one peasantry killer.

From birth, aristocracy is taught how to conduct itself in public

You will never hear aristocracy talk about some stuff in public, not because aristocrats have nothing to say about people’s love lives, but because aristocrats are taught from birth how to regulate the thermostat between their lips. When peasantry struggles to pay school fees to learn the art of public speech, aristocracy gets the lessons at home, free of charge, and with maximum effect.

From birth, aristocracy is taught how to conduct itself in public. Aristocracy respects people’s spaces, aristocracy will never lean on you inside a matatu even when the seats are tighter to each other than Taveta. When aristocracy goes for a drink in a bar, you will never see the photos on social media – because aristocracy hates publicity with all its life. You will never hear aristocracy embarrass you in public – because aristocracy is to noise what Sudi is to school.

Peasantry doesn’t keep secrets. When you have peasantry as your friend, your personal life will be aired out there for everyone to laugh at because while aristocracy is busy cracking nuclear launch codes and sending a man on the moon, the only space project peasantry knows is the corner table at Space Lounge Bar & Restaurant.