When one of the groomsmen plans to come in with extraordinary move that the rest can’t cope up with!


In being a professional groomsman, I have seen things. I have encountered moments where groomsmen were either genuinely busy or just reluctant to meet and know their significant others prior to the wedding. That means on the D Day no one is aware of how the program is, nor the style of entry into the chapel. You quickly form a kangaroo commission and agree (as men) that since you haven’t trained, every groomsman will just walk in with simple steps so that the group image is preserved.

Kumbe kuna ngamia moja hapo imepanga moves zinaweza jaa 10 Terabytes chini ya maji, inangoja tu kuaibisha raia. The moment that damsel struts the red carpet from the other side my boy jumps into the church, you can almost hear imaginary ‘teren teren’ sound effects. The church goes into an eerie silence. The son of a gun unleashes some Step Up 10 moves on that red carpet, maeeen. And they resonate with the lady walking in from the other side, like those two were created for each other.

The rest of the team is thrown into panic and left to look at each other with mouths wide open. Wewe the closest you have come to dancing is leaning over and throwing your arms around like a cock that is about to crow, mdomo umekunja kama Kiraitu. Tumachozi tunathreaten kudondoka. Now the only thing one can trust in at that moment ni kamaua umeshikilia kwa makwapa, but even that is not loyal because it will cross over to your marching partner in a few. Turns out the hottest vixen among the lot had already been paired with him during the planning committee meeting, and the two have been training.

Shocker number 2: That boy is the elder brother to the bride . . . Swine.