Don’t let your quest for success force you to neglect your family even without you knowing


Parents are the pillar and foundation of successful families. But when one doesn’t take their role appropriately, it can cause a huge blow to the family. The story of Sharon is one such heartbreaking yet informative.

Daddy, please take this and don’t work for one hour. Let’s spend that hour together

Sharon lost her mum at a tender age and was left with the dad. She longed to have dinner with her father, who unfortunately always got home late after work. Sometimes he would even work till late. She tried to figure out what the problem could be and how she could get her father come home early so they can spend some time together.

She thought about it for a while. One day she came up with a plan, a savings plan. The plan was to save every coin that she got from the dad. It kicked off quite well but still it wasn’t good enough for what she wanted.

One evening, she went to her dad’s study room from where he was working.

”Dad, could you please be coming home early so that we can have dinner together? please dad… say yes….”, she asked.

She tried to explain how much she was missing him but it all fall on deaf ears.

“You want me to spend time with you! How are we I going to get money?”, he posed. “There are many bills to cater for! how am I going to make money if I come home early?… go back to your room and sleep.” He instructed.

She was a bit hesitant and with unusual courage she asked, “Dad, how much do you make in an hour?”

He looked at her with surprise and said, “What will you do if I tell you what I make!… well, its $100 dollars. How will that help you?”

She replied innocently, “Dad, please give me $50 dollars.”

“You want money so that you can go and buy more fake toys!!…. I said go back to your room! And don’t make me repeat this.”, he roared.

Sharon went back to her bedroom crying. She held her mother’s photo tightly in her chest. She thought about her loving mum and this made her cry even more. She just couldn’t hold the salty tears as they rolled down her cheeks. She was hurting inside even more.

Meanwhile, her dad realized how heartless he had engaged his daughter. He slowly walked into her bedroom and begged, “sweetheart, I am sorry for talking to you that way, please forgive me”.

Seeing his only daughter sob left him feeling exceedingly stupid.

She looked up at him and said, “It’s okay dad. So, will you give the cash I had asked for..?”

He reached for his wallet and picked a $50 US dollar note and gave it to her. She moved slowly to her savings box, and took out all her savings. Upon counting, plus the $50 Us Dollars, it added up to $100 dollars!

She gave it to her Dad and said, “Daddy, please take this and don’t work for one hour. Let’s spend that hour together”. Her dad bowed his head down and started crying.

Dear parents, money is good for your family but don’t let your quest force you to abandon your kids, sometimes without knowing. Among the many tasks at your disposal, parenting supersedes all of them.

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