Fast Food Relationships


No one wants to end up alone. We live in a society that values connections; someone who is alone is seen as having a disorder. This may be the reason why most people are striving to be in relationships with just anybody. As long as you are single and ready to mingle, then you are good for them.  Gone are the days where one entered into relationships based on similarity in values and compatibility. Individuals are entering into “fast food” relationships due to the fear of being alone and being criticized.

The foundation of any relationship determines how far that relationship will go and the impact it will have on those that are involved in it. You find that people that enter into “fast food” relationships rarely commit themselves. The relationship is for show and if they find a better deal, they are ready to dump current person. Such relationships are controlled by infatuations (an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something). People in these types of relationships are more concerned with how the partner look, does he present a good picture to the onlookers. Anything to do with deep emotions or sharing is not done in such kind of relationships. There is always a side partner for the heart pouring.

Sometimes as human we find ourselves entangled in such kind of relationships. We are so obsessed with how the person makes us look good that we fear letting them go. As a result we invest in this relationship and waste so much time, time that could have been used to develop a meaningful relationship.

Fast food relationship are for the public, in private no one knows what a person has to go through. Partners in this relationship are very lonely and because of hanging around a vain person for long, they end up being vain and their definition of relationships is tampered.

They live a private miserable life.

A movie called “Marriage Counsellor” is an example of fast food relationships. The enjoyment is short-lived then suffering begins. When you no longer live up to the expectation of your vain partner, he begins to mistreat you. Since your identity was shaped to fit him or her, you are completely lost and do not know where to turn to.

Relationships can be fulfilling, if only we enter them with the right reasons. Effective relationship invests more on their private lives than the public.

It is more about looking good with the partner. It is about getting support. Knowing that you can count on someone in any time and on any type of circumstance is what defines a solid relationship. It is a lot of work to invest in meaningful relationships and sometimes it is not as rewarding as fast food relationships but there is a feeling of fulfillment that comes with knowing that you have contributed to something meaningful.

Fast food relationships do not have a future and if they do, the future is not bright. They are filled with heart aches, hurtful twists and self-modelling that leaves a person exhausted and unrewarded.