To be happily married, love and respect your in-laws & relatives but keep them away from your marriage


I will tell you why you should respect your in- laws and still choose to keep them far from your marriage.

They have enough power to format a marriage into an empty flash disk.

In-laws have power to reduce a happy marriage into unhappy looking puppies or kittens. Or into a bored looking clerk. They are able to serve you a fatal blow for breakfast, a drop kick for lunch, and a thorough beating for supper. They have enough power to format a marriage into an empty flash disk.

And for that simple reason, should they be kept at bay.

It just doesn’t matter whatever kind of In-laws. There are those relatives that come close to you, then go with a huge chunk of your life. These ones know the type of shirt you will put on tomorrow. Very mouthy indeed. Then there are those who will help you and ensure they get enough airtime to tell everyone about it. There are also the pathetic slanderous and gossipers. These ones even know what you ate last week. They only draw near whenever they want some information from you.

So to be happily married, keep your in-laws and relatives far away from your marriage. The Mamas Boys should hear this well. And it just doesn’t matter whether you are living in opulence or abject poverty, try as much as you can to keep it from the In-laws. Neither does it matter whether that marriage doesn’t have a child after seven years of matrimony, in-laws have intrinsic power to separate two people.

Learn to defend your partner. Love and respect the relatives but keep them far. Love the In-laws but keep them far away from your marriage.
After all, marriage is meant for two. There fore a man will leave his mother and father……

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