When Love Goes Sour, Don’t Kill, Simply Walk Away


Fellow men, a very close relative of mine, a man of God, a devoted father of two left home with his two lovely kids, went to a forest, fed them with petrol, tied a rope on a tree and rolled the rope around the kids and set them ablaze before he set himself on fire… Reason? MARRIAGE GONE SOUR…

Just amass the courage, talk to God, pack your belonging, thank them for their time and go!

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Now, I am not married but I deem myself a very senior bachelor! I am in the team of MC Jakagan,Elder Wa Githinji and many more. Well, I have seen marriages thrive and marriages collapse in the sweltering heat of life! And my very simple piece of advice to fellow men, those newly married, those contemplating the bold step and those not sure:Kindly make haste slowly… And in case you have made the bold step to love someone, and by ‘accident’ you stumble upon hard evidence that she is cheating on you, a very common phenomenon with them anyway, look here…. Release her soonest and let her go!

Imagine this:You love someone deeply, of course no relationship is perfect, you need to fight on! Yet trust is like primary virginity, once broken, can never be reversed! You see, trust is such a mild, cognisant psychotic thread.. The hormones that control trust were beyond comprehension of greats,not even Arsitlotle, not even William Shakespeare could tell it…

I have talked to men and women who have had their partners cheat on them, the feeling of betrayal is deadening!What should you do if you find hard evidence, proven facts that your partner of fiance or the person you are marrying tomorrow in a grandiose, pompous, royal wedding is cheating on you? Just amass the courage, talk to God, pack your belonging, thank them for their time and go! Do not kill, do not commit suicide, do not run mad, pack up and go!

A cheat will always be a cheat, marrying them won’t change them,while on a business engagement or on a academic discourses or on work assignments, they will bring those idiots to your matrimonial bed!Girl child, this also applies to you… Do not start your slow,dangerous,steady walk down the uncharted road to homicide…

Rest well cousin!

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