Until common Kenyans break this culture of greed for money and start recognizing values, we are doomed


While we are stuck at last night’s Revelation “Giza la Utajiri” by Citizen TV, we have embarked on ranting.
We are wondering why such senior cops who could rescue the old Indian and his sister are involved.
We are wondering why an MP is involved.
We are wondering why such high profile immigration officials are involved…
Well, it’s because of MONEY.

The people of this country’s greed for money should have it Ineos kind of challenge, and we will beat all Laws of Nature…
Time, Gravity, Mortality… Anything.

Nothing can stand on the way of us Kenyans and illegal money. We are truly unlimited.
Every Year on the ballot, we will elect scumbags who have money.
It doesn’t matter whether the shilling will trickle down to us or not.
It just feels better putting a damn sign beside the name of a person with money.
In churches, regardless how arrogant and ungodly they may be, we will elect leaders that appear like they have money.
In the village, 90% of school board members are not scholars or people with some value for education, they are village champions who look like they have money.
On Social media, we have CRASS celebrities of moral decadence with thousands of followers. The followers worship and adore them as the celebrated morons hurl insults in return. The rotten celebrities don’t hesitate to remind the foolish followers why they are all over them “I know you follow me for my money. When I had nothing you were no where ”
People still kiss their asses and justify it with… “Nakupenda Bure”…
No hypocrites it’s their money you worship…
Until you common Kenyans break this culture of greed for money and start recognising values, we are doomed.