Why do people fight for church leadership positions?


Let us reflect over something solemn… Why do people fight for church leadership positions? Why do others reject Pastors posted to their stations? Why do some leave the church or start a rebellion because they have missed out on the position of being Elder?

I have done some little research…..
If only church members would realize how sometimes it’s so beautiful to simply get in church on time, attend all the programs starting from Morning Devotion, Spiritual Emphasis, The¬†amazing Bible Study hour, the solemn Divine Hour and the captivating Bible Study Afternoons, they would abhor the rush to be in positions of Leadership in church! A Christian deeply bathed in the Word, divinely led and seriously reading his or her Bible would even feel like Leadership positions are a distraction.

Today, given a choice between being a regular member of the church and being a Church Elder, no matter how big and prestigious the church is, I would without a second thought go for the former. Listen, the reason we go to church is because we want to meet Jesus, we want to go to heaven folks, heaven! A church member who locks an incoming Pastor’s house is not serious about going to heaven, he should join Bado Mapambano in NASA and be Youth winger to a politician. A member who stokes rebellion against church leadership, faulty as it may be, does not really know why he or she goes to church… There’s nothing so special about being a church leader, yet there’s everything so special about striving to meet our Saviour even without being the Children Director… Heaven shall be full of surprises I tell you folks!

MANY OF US SHALL MISS HEAVEN because of struggling for vanities.If we go back to the old beaten, forgotten paths, we would indeed become so humble in church

and we shall not even care about which Pastor or which elder is leading us! Peter Pastor Sitati,how I wish you used your gift to tell my fellow Adventists and Christians at large that Jesus is coming and that all the rest is vanity of vanities, a vexation of the Spirit!