Young Man, Avoid unmarried feminists masquerading as Counselors

Young men, do not fear nor feel a lesser man when you share out your burdens with noble,upright, aged people… In fact, in your life, have mature, married ladies whom you can share out your frustrations and disappointments of life.
I personally have a few who have been the cog in the engine of my social life…
In fact, as much as possible, avoid these unmarried feminists masquerading as Counselors.Look out for upright,married Christian women of virtue. 
Married women, with a blessing of children,have seen it all. They know what it means to date, to court, to get married, to enjoy the bliss of the honeymoon and to deal with the reality of the dry seasons of marriage. Do not kill, do not die, do not commit suicide… 
Simply pick a mentor to walk you through the journey of life.I know what I am saying and the aforementioned guardian angels of mine know better what I am talking about!