If you keenly read that book called POLITICS OF BETRAYAL written by Joe Khamis,you will realise something ominous…Beyond the normal scenes we see on the surface, the thing that inherently controls our politics as a nation is called the DEEP STATE.If William Ruto understands this and if his followers and advisors comprehend this, then they have an edge over their rivals… Woe unto them if they don’t understand the ruthless arm of the deep state…

What is this Deep State?
They are the unseen operators, ghost workers turning the gyre behind the scenes. They hate being seen… They are the Black Pope behind the White Pope in Kenyan politics. They are the owners and the founders of the mammoth Business Franchises in this country. They are the salient hawk eyed opinionists in the Military Ranks and they are the wheeler dealers in the Economy! You remember that night when Uhuru Raised billions in twenty minutes at Safari park for his campaigns? Yes! Go through that list again and again…. We, those of us who have consistently voted for Jakom can ably tell you that we won the elections especially 2007 but ‘lost’ because of the DEEP STATE!If the Deep State fears that you may be a problem for their businesses, if the Military is having issues trusting you, believe me you, they will ensure you never occupy that white mansion on the Hill!And the Deep State is having issues trusting our learned hustler…And the pipers, those who bark on behalf of the son of Sugoi are not making things any better…

Oscar Sudi doesn’t understand the DEEP STATE! Apart from having bad luck with coherent speech, he also has bad luck with calmly expressing serious matters 

Samson Cherargei,that noisy senator doesn’t understand the Deep State. Instead of talking with it, he talks at it… His only fame is mentioning the name of William Ruto five times in a sentence of six words!Kipchumba Murkomen irked the deep state when he questioned Uhuru Kenyatta on matters of Lifestyle Audit… He is so proud…His tragedy of the absurd is that he doesn’t know much yet he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know! So, Arap Ruto should kick them out through the door and go back to people who understand the deep state for advice…. Henry Kosgey understands the deep State! Franklin Bett was right in the centre of the Deep State as State House Compntroller during Moi times… He knows what to do for William. Sally Kosgei knows the deep State like the palm of her hands having been the Chief Of Staff and Secretary to the Cabinet …. They almost won the Presidency for Raila only to be outwitted thinly…. Joshua Kuttuny has been in State house for five years and instead of fighting him, the RUTO camp must harness every droplet of secret that he obtained from the Deep State. I know William is a brilliant man and I know my good friends Karori Oliver Kipchumba and Desterio Okumu shall pass this note under the metallic gates of Sugoi. They know the direction to Sugoi better than I do.