Just what if Okoth Obando is innocent in Sharon Otieno’s Murder


I am being very cautious on the whole matter of OKOTH OBADO lest as I point my second, finger, four fingers stubbornly remain pointing at me…But the hypocrisy especially within the ranks of ODM and its diehards in this matter stinks to the high heavens.Let us assume for a minute that it wasn’t Okoth Obado…

Obado vehemently opposed this matter of direct nomination and that is when the party formally declared the Third World War on the man

Let us assume that the person in the storm was actually James Orengo or Anyang Nyongo or let’s say Oginga Odinga, the party would have been up in arms, guns blazing with “It’s Political witch-hunt ” mantra.If it’s proven by the swinging wheels of Justice that indeed Obado led to the heinous murder of Sharon, then let God and Justice deal with him firmly! But I am also a chief sinner only that my sins haven’t been brought into the public gallery… I won’t pass judgement!

Look at this..
Okoth Obado, a mere teacher and sugarcane farmer drops the chalk and duster at Rapogi, ventures into matters of sugarcane politics, vehemently defends cane farmers in Awendo and Uriri and the larger Migori County, gets elected the Chair of Cane farmers and suddenly ventures into politics. Having no hand at the ORANGE HOUSE, the man seriously disrupts the status quo, competes for the ODM NOMINATION in 2013,he is forcefully rigged out by the party cartels in favour of Prof. Oyugi, decamps to the little known PDP of Omingo Magara and thoroughly smashes the good professor at the National polls! Show me any other Luo leader who has ever challenged the Odinga party and won an election and I will buy you lunch tomorrow!Only two men could pull such a momentous challenge:Okoth Obado and Jared Kopiyo of Awendo who won on a Ford Kenya ticket. This tells you something:Obado is a man of networks on the ground, a darling of the masses!

Who doesn’t know how ODM seriously frustrated Obados first term as governor? Who doesn’t know how the cartels at Orange House always sponsored masses against the governor until Obado had to briefly look the side of Jubilee, momentarily hobnobbing with the President? Do you remember the shoes that were hurled at the Presidential Dias when Uhuru visited Migori?
Fast forward,
The nominations of ODM are approaching in 2017.The cartels under strict instructions from the Party leadership are keen to ensure that Obado goes home! The man decamps from PDP to ODM. He even uses personal resources to build a prestigious County Office for the party only for the party to decline occupying the office. Obado neverthess goes ahead to participate in the nominations, he wins massively, is almost rigged out in favour of OCHILO AYACKO, violence erupts, people on the ground love Obado and tell Odinga and the party that it’s either Obado or Obado and the party carves in to the the demands of the people. Who doesn’t remember how Junet Mohammed and Governor Joho tried to endorse OCHILO at the Posta Grounds in Migori only for the Governor to storm the stadium and send Junnet and Joho scampering for safety? Do you remember how the likes of Nyongo scampered beneath their cars? Obado was never wanted by the party! No wonder the party never campaigned for him as vehemently as it campaigned for Nyongo, Cyprian Awiti and Cornell Rasanga! Some senior party leaders even campaigned secretly for OCHILO Who vied on an independent ticket only to be beaten again, this time massively by Obado! Obado was the unwanted boy of the Luo league of the ODM.

SADLY, upon the death of the county Senator a few days ago, the ODM put aside their pretentious clarion calls for democracy and forcefully dished out a direct ticket to one OCHILO AYACKO, again another vivid proof that whether it kithni or it ndekni,Ayako must lead Migori! Obado vehemently opposed this matter of direct nomination and that is when the party formally declared the Third World War on the man…Unfortunately, Sharon Otieno happened and you have seen how the party has milked every droplet of milk from the story to send the poor Governor into the gallows of Political Siberia.I repeat, if Obado indeed killed Sharon, God may you avenge on her behalf. But what if, just what if the governor didn’t kill this girl?Just what if?
God knows.