Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and the Life Lessons Thereof


There was a time in my life that I was a mad Football fanatic! How this fanaticism slowly faded, I know not…
I was once the twelfth player of Arsenal! When Arsenal was Arsenal, when the Arsenal of Jens Lehman between the goal posts, Robert Pires in the Defence line, Jose Antonio Reyes in the offensive midfield, Patrick Viera and Thiery Henry on the attacking spree, Lauren feeding them with the balls and Nwankwo Kanu making Manchester United look like fumbling idiots on the pitch,I was a mad fan

Never bite the fingers that fed you!
Never slap the breasts that nourished you when you were a baby.

I saw the aforementioned together with Henry Berkamp, Sol Campbell, and the younger ones like Van Persie terrorise noisy neighbours of London and other mediocre small teams like Manchester City, the miserable Liverpool, the petty Chelsea and how could I miss braving the five kilometres from home to watch Arsenal play? And who was the engine behind this team? The bespectacled man from France, ARSENE WENGER!

You see, WENGER arrived in London when his predecessors, Bertie Needs, Terry Neil, Don Howe, George Graham and Bruce Rioch had totally failed to make Arsenal defeat neanderthal clubs like Black Burn Rovers and Nottingham Palace. He transformed Arsenal into a powerhouse that went a whole season, 2003/2004 unbeaten to lift the English Premier League and other trophies! Well, then that was the hallmark of Arsenal…
And then slowly by slowly, Arsenal became like any other team.And as the fortunes deteriorated, my appetite for them waned and waned slowly. And my zeal for football turned local but Harambee Stars gave me ulcers while my AFC LEOPARDS reduced my agonies into nightmares by being reduced to the levels of small teams like Gor Mahia. Then I depreciated further to support my Green Commandos which at least gave me reasons to still watch soccer.

Life Lessons:

  • Everything in life, including the most enchanting beauty has its half-life! Utilise the peak of your greatness with grace knowing that nothing lasts forever!
  • Secondly, at the peak of your success, everyone wants to be associated with you but when you start taking a deep, everybody takes off!Choose your company wisely.
  • Thirdly, people only realise your good when you are already gone! If you doubt, look at how those Arsenal fans who have been yelling that WENGER goes are now tensed and apprehensive! They fear the future without a man whom they have demonised for failing to win them trophies…The fear of the unknown is palpable!

And that is how men are… When you are present, they see more harm than good, when they transition, they wish for the devil they had than the angel they thought of. When a new manager shall land at the Emirates and go for games without a win, even those who hurled stones at WENGER shall wish he comes back but it shall be too late!

May the wise understand!