I want DENNIS OLIECH TO SUCCEED more than I would personally want to succeed


I love incredible stories.. Stories of men and women who refuse to give up. Stories of resilience,grit and power! Dennis Oliech has seen it all… I want him to score as many goals for Gor Mahia (By the way I am defecting to Kogalo in line with the handshake!) and I want him to score goals for Harambee Stars… I was there, seated on the floor, in front of the only black and White TV in the village, three kilometres from home almost two decades ago when Oliech sank that stoppage time screamer into Cape Verde. That screamer sent Kenya to the African Cup of Nations.I was alive when Dennis Oliech took the gloves to stand between the posts when Francis Onyiso was red carded…. Yes, Oliech saved that penalty!I was alive when

Dennis Oliech declined 300 million dollars from Qatar to become its citizen because he loved this country…

I was alive when Oliech pumped goals into Burkina Faso and Togo and I was alive when this man made Kenya proud!

His is a story of resilience folks, resilience!
Oliech schooled with my brother at Kakamega High School. He would stand by the canteen to beg for pinch(High School slang for a piece of mandazi). On the pitch, he would score goals seamlessly for Green Commandos… The school however felt he was not performing so well in class and they dropped him. Kamkunji High took this man, baked him and in the secondary school finals in Kisumu, Oliech pumped five good goals past Mohammed Fwaya, humiliating the Green Commandos in their worst defeat in history… Dennis Oliech,the MENACE, IS A LEGEND! He may have made mistakes in the past, maybe being extravagant a little,may be coming out as arrogant but he remains the finest Kenya shall ever have! Dennis Oliech emptied all his coffers to ensure his mother battle cancer in vain… He became broke, he even lost that sparkle look, he wore funny clothes, then security at Kasarani even harassed him when he went to watch us qualify against Ethiopia, why do we forget our heroes? Between Oliech and Githeriman, who truly deserved Head of State Commendation? Honestly, between Dennis and Jackie Maribe, who truly deserved recognition by the state?
We shall revisit!
I am praying for Dennis!Better is the end of something than the beginning thereof… May Dennis shine and shine..